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#THENEWSTREAK Appreciation Thread (The Streak That ACTUALLY MATTERS)

Discussion in 'Indy, Puro, & Other Wrestling' started by Roray, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. Roray

    Roray Jammed

    ROH Wrestler, Star, Legend . . RD Evans has become a WORLD WIDE PHENOMENON with his undefeated streak.

    This is the thread where we praise it and post all of his amazing promos.

  2. EH3?

    EH3? We are Jimmyz
    Global Moderator

    "Next World Champ! Next World Champ!"
    Roray gave this a hell yeah!
  3. Mogel

    Mogel The Captain
    Global Moderator

  4. Roray

    Roray Jammed

    RD Evans > Life.
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