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#THENEWSTREAK Appreciation Thread (The Streak That ACTUALLY MATTERS)

Discussion in 'Indy, Puro, & Other Wrestling' started by Roray, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. Roray

    Roray Jammed

    ROH Wrestler, Star, Legend . . RD Evans has become a WORLD WIDE PHENOMENON with his undefeated streak.

    This is the thread where we praise it and post all of his amazing promos.

  2. EH3?

    EH3? ~YEAOH!
    Global Moderator

    "Next World Champ! Next World Champ!"
    Roray gave this a hell yeah!
  3. Mogel

    Mogel The Captain
    Global Moderator

  4. Roray

    Roray Jammed

    RD Evans > Life.
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